First Drafts blog takes pot -shot at homebrewers

In an otherwise well-intentioned post on Factotum Brewery’s opening and its (very cool) program on allowing homebrewers the chance to brew a recipe on the brewery’s system, First Drafts author Eric Gorski takes an unfair shot at the same audience … Read the rest


American Homebrewers Association Rally at The Fort Collins Brewery & Tavern on tap

If you’re an American Homebrewers Association member living in NoCo, don’t miss this free AHA Rally at Fort Collins Brewery on March 22.

Here’s what’s in store:
• Vote on your favorite in the chili competition – see the FCB Read the rest


2015 National Homebrewers Conference Registration info

AHA2015The 2015 American Homebrewer’s Association National Conference is taking place June 11-13 in San Diego, CA. The registration window for this year’s conference is Feb. 18-24.

“With a 4,000+ attendee capacity, we anticipate being able to accommodate all AHA members … Read the rest


Spike Brewing giving away 10-gallon kettle

If you haven’t already, head over to Spike Brewing’s Facebook page and enter to win a 10-gallon kettle with site glass. With welded fittings and 18-gauge stainless steal, these things look pretty sweet. All you have to do is like … Read the rest


The Carbonater Cap Review

  • The Carbonater

    The Carbonater Cap

    Pros: Quickly carbonate small volumes of beer, no need to wait for bottle conditioning, can carbonate any liquid

  • Cons: No real pressure control, kind of expensive for what it is
  • Cost: $12 on Amazon

I’m a big … Read the rest


And we’re back!

highgravityWe’re back and better than ever! After letting this site languish for far too long (we had a baby, a new job, and a new house to keep things interesting), I’m back at it with a new design that works … Read the rest